If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to take a serious look at and identify what is blocking your success. Let’s face it, most of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do analyzing our lives. Why? Because we are human and humans tend to avoid what makes them uncomfortable. Why look at what isn’t working? It’s called resistance. Resistance we may not even know we have.


Let’s get rid of those hidden blocks to your success. Sometimes we think change is hard right? Well does it really have to be? Take a look at my free gift – The Money Wheel to get a quick overview of beginning to discover those hidden blocks. The key to revealing your hidden blocks starts with the big picture. It’s time to turbo charge your success factor

---and change your life.


The Money Wheel

Intention and mindset is everything. My intention is your success! This powerful program will provide processes to:

  1. Uncover the roots of your current belief systems and paradigms.

  2. Let go of subconscious programming.

  3. Gain natural confidence and personal power to take enthusiastic action in your life.

Taking even one step out of your current way of operating can change your life!

This is very powerful work designed to tap into your power, your freedom and the “on-fire” version of yourself that can be, do, and have the life you dream of. Earn more and create wealth without limits. Create and live a freeing mindset of success! Sign up for your Discovery Session with Kris today!

I invite you to do this work with me and start on the path to being your most powerful self! 

Success & happiness awaits you,

Kris Vallin

Success & Mindset Coach

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So What's Next?

Penny Plautz - Everyday Alchemist + Writer + Coach

If you are ready to make the kind of profound shifts that rearrange reality to reflect who you really are and what you truly desire and deserve, then Kris Vallin is your go-to guide. Her mastery of several healing modalities combined with her calming and loving presence creates a safe space for you to do the kind of work that ultimately transforms your life. If you have the opportunity to work with Kris, seize it!'  

Kristine Vallin is a thoroughbred trainer masquerading as a Personal Coach.  No amount of rambunctious coltish-thinking in you derails her from the task at hand— taming the negative thoughts and behaviors you’ve lived with all your life and allowing the champion to emerge.  She won’t break you, but beware, she will break those patterns that keep you stuck in the pasture of the Also-Rans. Hire her as your coach and trainer, but watch-out: Your Triple Crown moment is coming!  

Gilbert A. Higuera - Realtor

Do you want to create and live a life of joy,

freedom, growth and success?


Do you know you deserve more in your life

but just don’t know why you can’t seem to get it?


Do you ever wonder what is in the way of realizing your

goals and dreams in all areas of your life?

Does an amazing and fulfilling career, loving, intimate & satisfying relationships, fantastic communication with family and friends, joyful interactions and financial freedom factor into your dreams?